Artificial Grass

Kusal has quickly made a reputation for being a reliable Artificial Grass source for local residents, businesses, Corporate, Educational institutes and landscapers.

Our Artificial Grass experts are well equipped and ready to respond fast when clients call. We take care in our craftsmanship with our policy of "Quality & commitment” It does not matter whether you want artificial grass for your playschools or for your home, office or school playground, or even a golf course, we are the best company in the market for artificial grass or sometimes referred to as synthetic turf.

We understand the need for strong, durable, and at the same time soft to touch. We also understand that you want artificial grass that is the most realistic of all. Even with the highest quality of artificial turf, our prices are the one of the lowest in the industry, if not the lowest. Our qualified professionals approach each situation with care and skill. Although each job may differ slightly, the goal has always been the same. To provide a high quality service in a fast, courteous and efficient manner. This approach has earned us our stellar reputation for providing excellent customer service. If you are eager to learn more about the various services offered by Kusal, call one of our expert consultants on 044-28193372 / 9677232413 and find out why Kusal remains one of the best artificial grass companies in India.

1. Why Artificial Grass ?

The advantages of artificial grass are simple & plain. You can save money & time, allowing you to relax and enjoy your space, whether it is outdoors or indoors. Pets, children and adults will love your lawn!

If you are fed up with muddy lawns in rainy & winter and lawn mowing in summer, artificial grass gives you the chance to sit back and enjoy all-year-round green. Your children or grandchildren will love the soft grass, your pets can run around and there is no need to clean mud off them.

Buy artificial grass for your garden on your balcony, patio, and roof garden or on outdoor staircases. If you head out camping, it is a great surface for keeping the outside of the door of your tent or campervan mud-free. As you can see, artificial grass is a great, practical way to brighten up grey, concrete spaces, reinvigorating them and giving them a new lease of life. You can see why more and more people are making the decision to install artificial grass in their spaces. In addition, if you are having a business place, there are as many advantages for you too. Have a look at our page on commercial uses of artificial grass to find out more.

There are so many uses for artificial grass, in addition to lawns.

2. Commercial Uses of Artificial Grass

If you are having a business place, that has real grass to maintain, why not think about using artificial grass instead?

Artificial grass is great used indoors as well as outdoors.

Does your organization currently have grass, but despairs at its maintenance or finds it has limited access to it because of the concern or damage you might cause to it?

You should consider replacing it with artificial grass. Artificial grass has been used successfully by a range of completely different companies and organizations. Local councils and highway agencies have found it useful on roundabouts, verges and in parks, school nurseries like it for their playground, making it an all-year-round child-friendly facility. And architects have built it into balcony designs, sports-related offices and developments.

Golf clubs can make the most of it too by using it for heavily used walkways and putting greens. Gyms can bring the outside in too with synthetic grass. On a smaller scale, it is often used successfully to display products at exhibitions.

We are always here to help and if you have a need for artificial grass on a commercial basis, give us a call on 044-28193372 or 9677232413 and we will chat through your options with you.

You can find out more about the benefits of our grass

3. Here are benefits of Having Artificial Grass

#1. It Doesn’t Need Watering

While a “real” lawn requires regular watering, usually in the early morning and late evening, artificial grass does not. In fact, all you would need to use the water on it is for the occasional cleaning. Every now and then, be sure to hose the blades with a good, short burst of H2O in order to get rid of dirt. Thanks to this, synthetic grass is a perfect choice for water conservation and reducing your bills.

#2 No Mowing

Mowing a lawn is certainly one of the most hated chores you need to do. Well, with the synthetic lawn, you can simply put your lawn mower in the garage, sell it or give it away. You will not be needing it any more. Plastic grass does not grow. Spend this extra time actually enjoying your lawn, play with your children or pet or have a nice picnic

#3 No Weeds

One of the biggest problems any lawn owner has is the weeds. Whether we are talking about crabweed, yallow, dead nettle, black medic or some other type of weed (there a literally hundreds of different species of weed), weed control is a task that takes a lot of time and money. However, if you buy artificial grass, weeds will not harm it. Of course, you might still need to pull out some weed here and there, but much less than if you had a natural lawn.

#4 No Need For Fertilizers and Pesticides

Synthetic lawns do not need fertilizers to look lush and green. You can also forget about any pest problem. They will not be interested in this material. By avoiding pesticides, you also help the environment as these are made from toxic chemicals. Moreover, it is another way to save some money.

#5 They are Durable

Once you successfully installed Artificial Grass, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear for many years. This material is made to last and withstand all kinds of climates, weather changes and traffic. There is no need to bother about losing color as the fibers are now UV-stabilized and will not fade even under the harshest sun.

#6 Safe for Children

Since a synthetic lawn is absent of a weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals you would have to use on a natural lawn, they are perfectly safe for your children to play on. In fact, many cities are now starting to use synthetic grass due to this trait. Consider artificial grass for playschools and mainly for the outdoor activities, buy sports grass.

#7 Your Dog Will Love it

Nothing makes a dog happier than being able to play all day in a verdant environment. In addition, since the lawn is able to withstand a lot of punishment, you can safely let your dog play around anytime. Also remember, sometimes dogs will chew on the grass blades, but not synthetic grass. They will completely ignore it. Any dog owner will be happy when he sees just how much easier is to clean the dog’s mess now. Any odor left by your canine can be removed with some water and a mild detergent.

#8 It Always Looks Great

No matter the season, artificial lawns can withstand its conditions. Whether it is desert-hot or ice age cold outside, your lawn will remain green always. The synthetic grass has gone a long way and it now resembles natural grass very closely. As a result, it is able to transform any unassuming landscape into vibrant and lush scenery. Buy sports grass for intense sports activities, as they will have an extended lifetime than the ordinary grass lawns.

4. Where to use Artificial grass:

  • Your private Balcony
  • Your terrace to have some quality family time
  • Rooftop gardens that cannot support the weight of traditional lawns
  • Areas that have inhospitable conditions for growing real grass
  • Easily cleanable areas for small pets
  • Where you want the look of grass without the maintenance and water bills of real grass
  • Anywhere you want to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Vertical Garden or Green wall with Artificial Grass
  • Car Parking Area, Gaps between tiles.